Fathers Rise Together entrepreneurship program mission is to educate, promote, and encourage financial growth and understanding within the communities we serve. This is a innovative idea that will serve fathers throughout the nation. We are going deeper than budgeting classes. We are discussing and actively engaging in events and activities that will enhance your financial literacy.

Why FRT ? Our programs will help channel your creativity, teach members and participants how to set a good financial example for your children, and how to reach your business goals while taking advantage of tax benefits. Our program will offer fathers and their children the pleasure of understanding a position of holding a statement of ownership that can be shared throughout the generations of their offspring.

Money matters! There is no denying money matters and we at FRT want to teach fathers and their children how to control how money flows in and out of their lives. We are the game changers of business!

The Benefits

  • Networking Opportunities
  • Discounted Business Coaching (group and individual)
  • Monthly meetings
  • Quarterly meetings
  • Yearly company events
  • Opportunity to build a chapter in your community
  • Leadership Conference