PRLogJul. 21, 2014Our nation is bedeviled with the epidemic destruction of fatherless homes, i.e. high school dropouts, teen pregnancy, suicide and mental health disorders (not inclusive to depression and anxiety) to name a few.  We have spent years and millions of dollars marketing and advertising large organizations that focus on mothers and their children. Yet, give little to no notice of the importance of the father’s presence.

This strategy has not proven to provide much relief from the hardships that single mothers face daily with their children. It is not Fathers Rise Together belief that the presence of fathers will deplete the above issues in a child’s life, however unless the father has or will cause physical, emotional, mental, or sexual harm to the mother or child(ren) we  believe his subsistence are empirical to a child’s development and growth. Our youth’s behavior demonstrates the fast-paced society we reside in is overwhelming for all members.

Fathers Rise Together is invested in working with fathers who are actively involved with their children, interested in being in a co-parent relationship with the mother of his child (ren) and whom are head of single parent households.

Fathers Rise Together (FRT) is guided by the philosophy and teaching of self-determination, personal control, and increased finances.  The purpose of Fathers Rise Together is to help strengthen the family unity by engaging fathers in their children’s lives to establish family values, social roles and participation in the community.

Our objectives go as follows…

Building stronger parental relationships
Helping and encouraging healing from family separation
Help secure employment for individuals
Provide temporary housing for fathers and their children

Our services go as follow…

Therapeutic services for fathers and their families’ which includes certified therapist.

Build collaborative working relationships in our local communities.
Economical developmental programs
Our future plans include providing transitional housing for single fathers and their children.
Offer educational events and publications.

Teach vocational and  interviewing skills
Technical training to gain permanent employment.

Yes, your individual and/or organization help is needed. We are currently accepting in kind and cash donations at ! Your donations will help build needed transitional homes for single fathers, office supplies, and help stock our household supplies for single father holds.

Fathers Rise Together