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Moving Forward

Over the last few months Fathers Rise Together (FRT) has moved from the status of a Facebook fan page to a formalized non-profit in the state of Texas. That is great news as we move forward to support fathers, families, children and our local communities. It brings us great pleasure in saying we are moving forward in our journey to become federally recognized as a non-profit organization in the United States. However, while we wait FRT is not lackadaisical.

picWe are teaming with great organizations to create a team who believes the greatness in our communities does not have to fall by the way side. In the Dallas/ Fort Worth area Teena’s Place provides social skills training, educational opportunities, housing, and environmental programs.  Their services include boarding and a transitional housing program, life management skills training, case
management and co-disorders health prevention and intervention services, working with families and individuals to educate them on how to build life skills. For families that utilize the transitional housing programs they offer child care and vocational training. If you are looking for an opportunity to volunteer or donate contact Kristi Adams, Executive Officer at kristiadam@teenasplace.org



Do It for the Kids

In our community poverty, hopelessness and boredom is an one-eyed ogress. Summer is here and our children who have no access to structured summer fun will find themselves activating their imaginations in a negative way. Our communities will not wait. Our children will not wait. How can we help?  FRT has reached out to Vintage Point Publishing. They have expressed their concern for the inner city youth active minds and welcome the opportunity to work with children in local communities.  Dawn of Vintage Point Publishing was able to sit down for an interview with us.dawn logo

(FRT Interviewer) Why did you choose this project to work with the youth in the local communities?dawn

Through writing youth will learn to let their voices be heard. They will be taught no one can control their pen, pencil or keypads.

(FRT Interviewer) What is your desired outcome for working with youth in this manner?

(Dawn) I plan to see the light in their eyes as they see what they have created and can do with structured support of their dreams.

(FRT Interviewer) What does the light in their eyes represent for you?

(Dawn) The desire for education!

(FRT Interviewer) How long have you been a writer/publisher?

(Dawn) I have been a writer for 40 years and a publisher for the last 3 years.

 (FRT Interviewer) What concerns do you have with creating a project of this magnitude?

(Dawn) Funding is a large concern. When any person or group undertakes a new project funding is often a depleting factor to why most grassroots project never reaches its highest potential. The need and desire of the youth is there, however the project is in need of $3000. I am concerned people will not find that this is a worthy cause to donate to.

(FRT Interviewer) How can community members support this project? Where can people send their donations to?

(Dawn) Any size donation will help ensure the workshops progress towards publication for the youth that are involved.  There is a gofundme.com fundraiser currently to help raise funds for this workshop. Anyone interested in donating can search the Go Fund Me site with the key words Youth Writing. They can also contact Dawn at dawn@deeprivers.net or 317-418-2076.

(FRT Interviewer) How can children get involved?

(Dawn) Parents and/or guardians can contact Dawn at the above email or phone number between the hours of

9a.m. – 7p.m.

(FRT Interviewer)Is there anything else you would like to share about this project?

(Dawn) Education is crucial to our future and children. This project will allow the youth to understand the notion that success is not only possible but achievable. They will be a part of their own success. They will undertake life challenges at a young age. They will gain life skills and learn how to open doors or create opportunities for fellow community members.

(FRT Interviewer)Do you have a website that readers can find your and other authors work?

(Dawn) Yes. The website is www.vppublishing.com


We at FRT would like to thank Dawn for her great efforts and look forward to seeing the children’s hard work.



Happy Father’s Day!


There will be no greater day when we as a nation are able to grasp the idea that fathers are more than a paycheck, child support and a name on a birth certificate. Father’s Day is nearing and we would like to say thank you to all the fathers who will not give up on family values, morals, education and self-perseverance for their children. Enjoy your day from Fathers Rise Together!